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Related events

This is a list of events in connection with the ENI SEIS II South Support Mechanism project. National Event Regional Event Other Event

2019 2-5 December 21th COP Barcelona Convention Naples, Italy
2019 26-27 September 1st Steering Committee meeting of the new Water Environment Support (WES) project TBC
2019 25 September H2020 Steering Group meeting TBC
2019 10-13 September MAP Focal Points meeting Athens, Greece
2019 11-13 June 18th Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (MCSD) Budva, Montenegro
2019 29-31 May Meeting of MED POL Focal Points Istanbul, Turkey
2019 28 May UNeMAP - 2nd meeting of Experts on six Pollution Reduction Regional Plans Istanbul, Turkey
2019 27-29 May Plan Bleu Focal Points meeting and SoED 2019 workshop Marseilles, France
2019 21-22 May PAP/RAC - CORMON Coast and Hydrography meeting ISPRA (hosting INFO/RAC), Rome, Italy
2019 8-9 May PAP/RAC Focal Points meeting PAP/RAC premises, Kraj Sv. Ivana 11, Split, Croatia
2019 7-9 May Plastic Busters MPAs 3TH STEERING COMMITEE & TECHNICAL WORKSHOP Milazzo (Sicily), Italy
2019 6-7 May PANACeA meeting : Ecosystem-based responses to Mediterranean biodiversity challenge Rome, Italy
2019 16-17 April InfoRAC Focal Points meeting Rome, Italy
2019 9 April UfM Environment Task Force meeting Brussels
2019 8 April SWIM-H2020 SM Closing Conference and H2020 Core Group meeting Brussels
2019 3 April UN Environment MAP Cormon meeting on pollution Podgorica, Montenegro
2019 2-3 April Meeting of the CorMon on Pollution Monitoring (2-3 April 2019) Podgorica, Montenegro
2019 29 March UN environment MAP 3rd State of the Environment and Development Steering Committee Marseille, France
2019 19-20 March Regional Meeting on Reporting of Releases to Marine and Coastal Environment from Land-Based Sources and Activities and Related Indicators TIRANA, ALBANIA
2018 27 November SWIM-H2020 Support Mechanism National Meeting Palestine Ramallah, Palestine
2018 13-15 November SwitchMed Connect 2018 Barcelona, Spain
2018 12-13 November 2nd UfM Working Group on Environment and Climate Change Barcelona, Spain
2018 16 October SWIM-H2020 Support Mechanism National Meeting Egypt Cairo, Egypt
2018 10-11 October EEA/Eionet meeting Athens, Greece
2018 8 October SWIM-H2020 Support Mechanism National Meeting in Tunisia Tunis, Tunisia
2018 24-26 July WHO - Regional Workshop on Monitoring SDG 6.1- 6.3 Indicators Amman, Jordan
2018 10-12 July UN environment /MAP - Regional Meeting on IMAP Implementation: Best Practices, Gaps and Common Challenges Rome, Italy
2018 5 July SWIM-H2020 Support Mechanism National Meeting Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon
2018 20-21 June 7th meeting of the Forum of Euro-Mediterranean Statisticians Rome, Italy
2018 5 June Conference « The environment and development in the Mediterranean, past, present and future » on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Plan Bleu Paris
2018 5-7 June AZTI & EEAcademy Summer School " Blue Growth: can marine environment support growth maintaining good ocean health?" San Sebastian, Spain
2018 23-24 May EEA/Eionet meeting Copenhagen, Denmark
2018 16-18 April SWIM/H2020 SM - 2nd Regional on-site training on Decentralised Water Management; Study tour Good experience and practices on Decentralized Water Management Vienna, Austria
2018 26-29 March Workshop on the SEEA Central Framework and SDG’s Indicators Amman, Jordan
2018 20 February 2nd Workshop for the delineation of subdivisions relevant for MSFD assessments/reporting in the Mediterranean Sea Divani Acropolis Hotel, Parthenonos 19-25, Athens
2018 1 February 8th UfM Water Expert Group Meeting Dead Sea, Jordan
2018 29-30 January 8th Meeting of the Horizon 2020 Steering Group, 1st Meeting of the UfM Task Force on Environment Jordan valley Marriottt Dead Sea Resort, Dead Sea, Jordan
2018 22-24 January 3rd Mediterranean Water Forum Cairo, Egypt
2017 17-20 December 20th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention (COP 20) Tirana, Albania
2017 12-13 December Plan Bleu Workshop - Which major marine and coastal issues in the Mediterranean region? Data and trends Marseilles, France
2017 29-30 November UfM Regional Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy Naples, Italy
2017 24 November Blue Eco Forum Barcelona, Spain
2017 9-10 November Second Meeting of the Regional Cooperation Platform on Marine Litter in the Mediterranean Barcelona, Spain
2017 19-20 October Exchange of experience workshop of the Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform Barcelona, Spain
2017 5-6 October 4th Our Ocean Conference, 5-6 October, Malta Malta
2017 3 October - 4 November MEDCOAST 17 Mellieha, Malta
2017 2-3 October EIONET National Focal Point meeting Lisbon, Portugal
2017 24-25 July SWIM-Horizon 2020 SM - Regional on-site training on Decentralised Water Management and Growth Brussels
2017 16-21 July 61st World Statistics Congress Marrakesh, Morocco
2017 4-6 July 17th Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development Athens, Greece
2017 21-22 June Workshop for the delineation of subdivisions relevant for MSFD assessments/reporting in the Mediterranean Sea Roma, Italy
2017 14-16 June Training workshop on Water Information Systems, 14-16 June 2017 Sophia-Antipolis, France
2017 29-31 May Final workshop of the project “A blue economy for a healthy Mediterranean - Measuring, Monitoring and Promoting an environmentally sustainable economy in the Mediterranean region”, Marseilles, 29-31 May 2017 Marseilles, France
2017 29-31 May MED POL Focal Point meeting Rome (tbc)
2017 3-4 May SCP/RAC Focal Point meeting Barcelona, Spain
2017 25-26 April Plan Bleu Focal Point meeting Sophia-Antipolis, France
2017 29-31 March MED POL Expert meetings (Dumping guidelines, desalination guidelines, offshore monitoring guidelines) Athens, Greece
2017 14-15 March First UfM Working Group on Environment and Climate Change Barcelona, Spain
2017 2 March Workshop on Science Policy Interface (SPI) strengthening for the implementation of the UNEP/MAP IMAP in relation to Marine Litter, Biodiversity & fisheries, Hydrography, with a focus on the Risk Based Approach (RBA) for monitoring Madrid, Spain
2017 28 February - 1 March Meeting of the Correspondence Group on Monitoring (CORMON), Biodiversity and Fisheries Madrid, Spain
2017 28 February - 2 March Meeting of the Correspondence Group (CORMON) on Marine Litter Monitoring Madrid, Spain
2017 28 February - 3 March UNEPMAP CorMon Marine Litter and Coast meetings Madrid, Spain
2017 2 February European Commission and the Union for the Mediterranean “Stakeholder conference on the sustainable development of the blue economy in the western Mediterranean“ Barcelona, Spain
2017 23-24 January Second UfM Regional Forum – Mediterranean in Action: Youth for Stability and Development Barcelona, Spain
2016 19-21 October UNEP/MAP CORMON meeting on Pollution Marseille, France