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Meeting of MED POL Focal Points

May 29, 2019 to May 31, 2019 (Europe/Copenhagen / UTC200)
Istanbul, Turkey
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MED POL Focal Points
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Algeria Egypt Israel Lebanon Libya Morocco Tunisia
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The objective of this meeting is to review the activities carried out during the 2018-2019 biennium and the status of implementation of the three pollution related Protocols under MED POL programme responsibility.


The Meeting will discuss the following key aspects of the MED POL mandate:  

-       Main elements of the new Pollution Reduction  Regional Plans;

-       Mid-term evaluation of implementation of existing Regional Plans;

-       Updating annexes of the pollution related Protocols under the Barcelona Convention;

-       A number of documents addressing several developments with regards to IMAP implementation pollution, litter and noise clusters; and

-       Technical guides and guidelines addressing control measures and pollution assessment.

The Meeting will also review proposed activities to be implemented during the next biennium for inclusion in the MAP Programme of Work 2020-2021 under the Land based Pollution Core Theme including its Governance relates aspects of the Mid-Term Strategy (MTS) 2016+2021, which will be executed by MED POL.

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