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ENI SEIS National Focal Points


Ms Enas Mohammad Alarabyat

Department of Statistics (DOS)


Mr Ali Almashini

Ministry of Environment (MoE)

Head of State of Environment & Environmental Indicators Section

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Key Country data

Total Area  km² 89318
Population Million  6.38
GDP Million 21965 (2012)
GDP Per Capita 3432 (2012)
UNEP/MAP CORMON meeting on Pollution 19-21 October 2016 — Marseille, France
ENI SEIS II South Support Mechanism Regional workshop on indicators 17-18 May 2017 — Pilestrœde, 61 – Copenhagen
2nd ENI-SEIS II South Steering Committee Meeting and 8th meeting of the Horizon 2020 Review and Monitoring (RM) Group 16-18 October 2017 — Hotel H10 Marina Av. Bogatell, 64-68 E-08005-Olympic Village Barcelona
Country visit to Jordan 14-15 May 2018 — Amman, Jordan
UN Environment MAP Cormon meeting on pollution 3 April 2019 — Podgorica, Montenegro
Summit of the Two Shores 24 June 2019 — Marseilles, France
ENIS Regional Water workshop 9-10 July 2019 — Marseilles, France
H2020 Steering Group meeting 25 September 2019 — TBC
Country news

Solid waste Indicators

Municipal solid waste generation 1000 tons/ year
Municipal solid waste generation per capita kg/year
Solid waste collected (%) in Urban areas %
Solid waste collected (%) in Rural areas %

Wastewater Indicators

Population with access to improved sanitation systems % / year 100/2009
WW volume collected   million m3/ year 117.2/2010
WW Volume treated  million m3/ year 103/2010