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The project addresses methodological aspects related to the production of comparable environmental data and statistics to the benefit of effective policy-making and improved governance in the environmental field. The focus is to support, through expert assistance at national level, the aggregation and provision of data to effectively respond to international commitments and consequently use this data in relevant international, regional and cross-border context. In addition, the processing of environmental data and statistics should serve as input for the production of the regionally-agreed environmental indicators (the set of indicators under the UNECE-umbrella as part of the pan-European process) - considering also linkages with other indicator initiatives (i.e. coordinated by UN, EU, OECD level). Building on EEA/Eionet experience, activities also address some of the compliance requirements related to approximation of relevant EU environmental legislation. The area of waste statistics (focus on municipal waste) is covered primarily through the parallel project led by Eurostat for the period 2016-2018.