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Air quality

The Second project Steering Committee meeting (Minsk, 12-13 December 2017) agreed that the EEA should consider possible project support for the evaluation/assessment of national capacities for air quality reporting.

Consequently, the EEA has initiated an activity to increase the use and public accessibility of air quality measurement data in the ENI East countries. The activity will be implemented during a period of 9 months until 31 January 2019.

The specific objectives are:

  • to share successful examples from EU/EEA, including Western Balkans, such as reporting and disseminating data and information on air quality;
  • to evaluate the status of air quality monitoring and use of data environment assessments;
  • to identify good examples linking air quality data to relevant policy development and evaluation in ENI East countries.

 The activity’s tasks include the implementation of the following:

  • organisation of a regional workshop on air quality (Copenhagen, 19-21 September 2018);
  • organisation of country visits and/or perform desk studies in relation to air quality data and information;
  • elaboration of country fact sheets on air quality;
  • presentation of results in relevant strategic/air quality fora.

Relevant documents will be uploaded herein throughout the implementation of the activity. 


The EEA contact point is

Jasmina Bogdanovic 

Tel: + 45 33 36 72 29