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Overall objectives

 a)  Supporting the work of the ENI East countries in improving the coverage of Emerald Network sites in the ENI East countries as response to the Aichi Strategic Goal C Target 11 and SDG Goal 15.

b)  Improving the capacity of the countries in reporting the data on species and habitats to the Central Data Repository of the European Environment Agency

c)  Production of regionally comparable biodiversity indicators in accordance with EEA and UNECE implementations

The setting up of the Emerald Network under the Bern Convention in ENI East countries is supported by the Council of Europe between 2009-2016 by means of two consecutive joint programmes co-financed with the European Union.  During the latest years, a significant increase in the number of designated areas (Map 1) in the six ENI East countries (579 sites in 2017 against 219 sites in 2012) resulted with an average coverage of protected sites of 12.27 % of the territories of the six countries. Despite this encouraging positive trend in safeguarding ecosystems, species and genetic diversity of the Region, it is still far from achieving the Aichi Strategic Goal C Target 11 and SDG Goal 15.

Map 1: Emerald and Natura 2000 networks

Source: CoE, 2016

The ENI-SEIS II East project is providing necessary support in organizing jointly with the Council of Europe regional seminars focusing on evaluating the sufficiency of the candidate sites and also regional workshops on reporting conservation status of habitats and species targeted respectively by Resolution of 4 and Resolution 6 of the Bern Convention. Helpdesk support to the ENI East countries in using the SDF tool for reporting the data is provided during 2017 and 2018.

Based on the available data developing biodiversity related indicators within the UNECE regional environmental indicators catalogue is also supported in the respective countries to improve knowledge-based policy implementation at the national scale.

 Regional Work Plan - Biodiversity.pdf