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First webinar on Data Management and Infrastructure

This a first of four webinars on the H2020 data call reporting. Time 1h30’.


In the framework of ENI II South Project, the European Environment Agency (EEA) together with the Information and Communication Regional Activity Centre (INFO/RAC) of the UN Environment Programme/MAP are offering to the countries a series of tools and platforms to collect standardised, updated and comparable information among the countries in order to put in place the H2020 data flow and to ensure the SEIS principles in the region.

During the webinar together we can find ways to overcome reporting difficulties, examine different situations and answer your questions.

This webinar will support you and prepare the upcoming capacity building country visits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • My data does not correspond to the spatial resolution that is requested in the spreadsheets, can I modify the spreadsheets to fit my data?
  • The administrative units are not corrects, should I ask EEA to correct them? There are discrepancies between the data dictionaries and the spreadsheets, which one should I use?
  • Spatial data is it an additional request from the project?
  • I already submitted the data in other reporting (MEDPOL, internal convention) do I need to report again?  
  • I have not collected all the data for all the indicators; do I need to wait to collect them all before submitting the files in the envelopes?
  • The step by step manual is not clear and only in English, where can I get some support?


Objective of the first webinar

Following your feedbacks with regard to the H2020 reporting exercise and use of the spreadsheets, we updated the spreadsheets package and data dictionaries to support the production of H2020/NAP indicators.

The first webinar is here to present the updates and allow you to ask questions to the EEA, INFO/RAC experts and thematic experts.

The webinar will be organised as following:

  1. Presentation of spreadsheets and description of the changes (5’)
  2. Demo of INFO/RAC Data Centre (IDC) to access the envelopes for data submission (20’)
  3. State of the art concerning the reporting process at country level (5’)
  4. Questions and answers (45’)
  5. Technical missions in the Countries and next steps (15’)


The first webinar will be held on the 6th of September 2019 - 10:00-11:30 Copenhagen (Cph) time.

Participants: EEA, INFO/RAC, data reporters, thematic experts

Expected participants: Any national experts, officials and technicians Involved or expected in populating/submitting the spreadsheet on the INFO/RAC platform (e.g. NFPs, National consultants, Member of National teams, etc.).  

The webinar will be held in English.


Agenda 1st Webinar

EEA introduction

Recording of the webinar

All definitions and standards &  Data dictionaries package

Minutes of the webinar

List of participants