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ENI SEIS II South Support Mechanism Regional workshop on indicators

In the frame of the monitoring of the Horizon 2020 initiative for a Cleaner Mediterranean, a review process based on different level of aggregation and analysis of environmental information has been developed and used to produce the 1st H2020 Mediterranean report, issued in May 2014[1]. As part of the review process, a set of H2020 indicators [2]has been identified and developed.


The work programme of the second phase of Horizon 2020 (2015-2020) reaffirmed the relevance of the three sectors approach (waste water, solid waste and industrial emissions) and also strengthened its pollution prevention dimension and focused on emerging issues such as hazardous waste and marine litter. In line with the 2015-2020 H2020 programme of work, a second H2020 indicator-based assessment is planned for 2019.


Several other assessment processes are on-going or planned such as Mediterranean Quality Status Report, State of Environment and Development Report, Mediterranean Strategy on Sustainable Development, NAPs implementation review, Mediterranean 2050, etc.


This 1st regional workshop will address the needed refinement of the Horizon 2020 review mechanism to take into account other assessment processes and further develop the current H2020 set of indicators to reflect the renewed scope of the H2020 priorities applicable to all Mediterranean countries, in coherence with other existing indicators sets e.g. MEDPOL/NAPs indicators, MSSD, SDGs.

A second workshop – planned to take place mid-September 2017 will look more into details of the indicators methodological aspects (factsheets) and to the draft outline of the H2020 assessment.




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