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Data management and infrastructure

The objective is to support the development of national capacities to manage and use environmental statistics, data and information for decision-making process:

·         Developing a national strategy on Open Data (Why, Vision, Mission, Objectives,  priority domains: Transport, Energy, Environment, etc) 

·         Develop a technical implementation framework (formats, standards, connectivity between portals, metadata, responsible, structure, etc)


Specific tasks: 

(1) Overview of existing initiatives, trends, common practices on e-governance and open data and self-assessment of ENI East country status in these areas:

  •  Relevant national and international practices, initiatives and trends on e-government and open data; 
  • Country overviews following the model of the Open Data: Maturity in Europe reports and compliance towards the Aarhus Convention; 
  • Developing environmental networks of relevant institutions and experts to assist the further implementation of the agreed  e-governance and open-data road map.


(2) Regional meeting of EaP countries to discuss the findings of the studies (task 1) and facilitate the preparation of  countries' roadmaps to ensure that environmental information is integrated with national e-governance platforms and open data initiatives.  

(3) Country actions:

  • Roundtables with national partners (e-governance management, providers and users of environmental information) and experts to discuss the draft maturity report, finalise the national road map and identify steps for implementation.  

(4) Regional exchange and future steps:

  •  Regional meeting of EaP countries with the participation of the EEA, UNECE Aarhus Convention, OSCE, and potentially other parties to gauge progress. 


 (5) Visibility and awareness raising for the project deliverables and open data/e-government benefits for environment.

  •  Raise awareness on the benefits of sharing environmental information and knowledge in close cooperation with UNECE WGEMA, Aarhus Convention/PRTR Protocol Secretariat, OSCE/Aarhus Centres, RECs etc.


For this area of work, the EEA relies on technical expertise and support from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Lithuania and their country offices in the EaP countries, and works closely with the Secretariat of the UNECE Aarhus Convention and Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers and current initiatives taking place in European Union on Open Data (annual Open Data Maturity in Europe report), Streamlining Environmental Reporting in EU and Promotion of good practices for national environmental information systems and tools for
data harvesting at EU level