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Air quality data management training

The discussion will consist of 4 slots of 2 hours each (morning and afternoon) 10-12.00 and 14.30-16.30 (Minsk time), details are below. 

Session 1: 

  1. Presentation of the mission (scope and objectives, presentation of the team) by EEA (20-30 min) 
  1. Update of Status of Air Quality monitoring in Belarus (With the experts of relevant institution) by Belarus Experts  (1h to  1h 30 min)

This may include: 

  • air quality legal and institutional framework;
  • air quality monitoring system (stations, equipment, etc.);
  • quality assurance and quality control of air quality data (national reference laboratory, maintenance etc.),
  • ICT infrastructure;
  • air quality data management;
  • air quality data processing, dissemination and reporting.


These information has been presented to 2 workshops already. Should focus on any updates since last meeting. Ideally it should focus on AQ monitoring systems that could participate in AQ data exchange and current IT infrastructure. 

  1. Introduction to Raven+ by NILU/4sfera (aprox 30-40 minutes)


Session 2 – open discussion/working with EEA, NILU/4sfera’s team and Belarus Experts

Part A. Aim of the session:

1. to evaluate and identify existing air quality data (like and 

2. to identify the possibilities for dissemination and reporting taking the EU Air Quality Directive 2008/50 as baseline and reference.


Part B. More IT oriented with 

1. a demonstration of the data management platform implemented by the EEA, 

2. the deployment of this platform on a computer or server for testing and 

3. a hands-on training.