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Webinar Palestine: Data availability and data gaps 22 June 2020

The purpose of the 2,5 hours ENI-SEIS Zoom meeting held on 22 of June was to discuss the challenges encountered during the collection and implementation of SEIS-H2020 indicators.
Countries: Palestine

The discussions mainly focussed on the  problems related to the availability of environmental data, legal requirements for the collection, processing ,validation and communication of data, in accordance with environmental law; and practical improvement needs to build, make the system more efficient, more reliable and more usable in order to provide timely and accurate environmental data to decision makers and the general public. In addition country plans to produce regular State of environment reports was discussed.

The meeting gathered representatives from Environment Quality Authority  and Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

The meeting was held into parts, first part dedicated to discuss the challenges and the second dedicated to recommendation and ways to improve based on result of self-assessment (survey prepared  by Umweltbundesamt).

The meeting was facilitated by Umweltbundesamt (UBA-Austria).


List of participants