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5 May 2019 | Launch of a new regional climate change initiative for the Eastern Partnership countries in Georgia

Countries: Georgia

The Earth Day 5th of May in Georgia was celebrated by launching the new regional initiative aimed at addressing the number one environmental challenge now facing the world: climate change. 

EU4Climate project is bringing together Georgia and other partners of the Eastern Partnership to tackle Climate Change. Focusing on Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, the EU4Climate project will support countries to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, improve climate policies and legislation, and reduce the impact of climate change on people’s lives. The EU4Climate project, in all six countries, will be implemented by the UNDP based on the agreements with the countries’ governments. The project is funded by the European Union (EUR 8 Million) and co-financed by UNDP (EUR 800,000). 

This new project will help Georgia lower its greenhouse gas emissions and fulfil its commitments under the Paris Agreement. It will help the Government of Georgia to finalise and update Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement and national strategies on the implementation of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and establish a system of measurement, reporting and verification to keep Georgia on track to meet the Paris Agreement goals. The project will help mobilise more funds for climate action and make climate adaptation planning more effective. 

The Government of Georgia welcomes international cooperation in climate change issues. “This project will enable us to create important strategic documents and to make our efforts to implement the commitments taken in the field of climate change in all sectors" said Nino Tandilashvili, Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia. 

“Tackling climate change is our common responsibility" said Alexandre Darras, Sector Coordinator on Connectivity, Energy, Environment & Climate Change at the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia. 

Luisa Winton, head of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Georgia, noted that climate change effort contributes to the development of green economy and the developmental potential of national climate actions as they help countries move toward a low-carbon economy. “From protecting forests to phasing out fossil-fuel vehicles, climate action requires smart and swift solutions that will limit warming and save the planet,” Louisa Vinton said.

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