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26-27 November 2019 | Second CORINE Land Cover (CLC) training in Azerbaijan

Countries: Azerbaijan

This training is organized by the European Environment Agency and delivered by the experts from the European Topic Centre of Urban, Land and Soil Systems (ETC-ULS) in partnership with the the EU Earth Observation and Monitoring Program (Copernicus Programme). Corine Land Cover (CLC) datasets provided a time series of land cover and land use information across Europe since 1990. These data sets allow monitoring changes to the Earth’s surface that result from the interaction of natural processes and human activities.

 The course took place at the Geodesy and Cartography LLC in Baku.  Building on the previous training in August 2019  it  focused on two components:

1. Analysis of the CLC2018 land cover map produced by the Azeri team, covering the Absheron peninsula around the national capital.

2. Preparations for the 2nd phase of the project: to map the CLC-Change layer for the same area which will contain land cover changes taken place between years 2000 and 2018. During the training course participants highlighted that the pilot area is highly dynamic, i.e. characterised by significant environmental changes (e.g. urbanisation, agriculture, mining).

Results are expected in early 2020.