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20-21 February 2018 | Ukraine and EU experts explore water data management

Countries: Ukraine

Ukraine and the European Environment Agency water experts will hold a 2-day workshop, building capacity for water indicator implementation, developing coordinated water information system and developing water accounts that can support policymaking and the implementation of integrated water resources management.

By given the focus on developing the water module of the SEIS Ukraine, the water component of the ENI SEIS II East project aims to improve the capacity in Ukraine for better science-policy linkages based on the SEIS principles.  This will be achieved by mobilizing water data, information and assessment in line with the EU practices as well as support to Ukraine in meeting the obligations to the international reporting e.g. SDGs.  A water information system is paramount for the development of river  based management plans aiming at global water management (and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive)  for which the Commission is assisting Ukraine i.e. through EUWI+ instrument.

With solid information it is possible to make sound and effective policies that support marine and freshwater ecosystems, serving many important functions from filtering, diluting and storing water to preventing floods, and from maintaining the climate balance to safeguarding biological diversity.