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18 September 2019 | Public consultation for the new framework on Eastern Partnership

Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

The European Union invites citizens of the EU Member States and the Eastern Partner Countries; EU Institutions and their counterparts in Member States and Eastern Partner Countries (governments, parliaments, local and regional authorities); international organisations; international financial institutions; civil society; business and the private sector; academia; think-tanks; youth; media and other stakeholders to contribute to the future of the Eastern Partnership post-2020 policy framework.

For this purpose, a dedicated website ( is available until 31 October 2019 to provide such inputs and suggestions. Based on these inputs, a document will be prepared outlining the proposed new framework for the post 2020 Eastern Partnership, with the aim to have this document endorsed at the next Eastern Partnership Summit.

 In order to steer the reflection and the structured consultation process, the European Union proposed five guiding questions:


  1. How can we sustainably boost economic and human capital development and prosperity?
  2. How can we further strengthen good governance, the rule of law and the security dimension of the Eastern Partnership?
  3. How to enhance cooperation between Eastern partners, whilst ensuring inclusiveness and differentiation in their relations with the EU?
  4. How can we do more to enhance Eastern Partnership and EU visibility?
  5. Other proposals and reflections on the future of the Eastern Partnership



Established in May 2009, the Eastern Partnership has reached its 10-year milestone this year. The Brussels Eastern Partnership Summit 2017 adopted a Joint Declaration including a joint reform agenda “20 Deliverables for 2020” carving out four key areas of focus (stronger economy, stronger governance, stronger connectivity and stronger society), with the overall objective to demonstrate the tangible benefits of cooperation to the daily lives of citizens.

A high-level conference dedicated to this anniversary, organised in Brussels on 14 May 2019, brought together key actors that have shaped the Eastern Partnership policy over the last decade. The conference confirmed the success of the Partnership in achieving concrete results for citizens, but also recognised the challenges that remain.

President Jean-Claude Juncker and Commissioner Johannes Hahn announced during the high-level conference a broad and inclusive structured consultation process to reflect on the future strategic direction of the Eastern Partnership and a new – post 2020 – generation of deliverables.