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12-16 February 2018 | Azerbaijan: In-depth water data management training

Countries: Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan and the European Environment Agency water experts will hold a 5-day training session, building capacity for developing water information system that can support policy-making and implementation of integrated water resources management. The training is delivered by an ENI SEIS II East project that i focused on sharing environmental information, including on water – a resource that is vital for all life on our planet, ecosystems, society and the economy.

Integrated water management requires cooperation and sharing information among many stakeholders. Moreover, it is important to obtain relevant, reliable, robust and harmonized data that can be used to assess the state and pressure on the water resource.

With solid information it is possible to make sound and effective policies that support marine and freshwater ecosystems, serving many important functions from filtering, diluting and storing water to preventing floods, and from maintaining the climate balance to safeguarding biological diversity.

More information and meeting documents can be found here


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