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7 March 2019 | Kick off meeting for the EEAcademy ENI Summer School Towards Integrated Sustainability Assessments

Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

The EEA kicked off the preparations of the upcoming  EEAcademy ENI Summer School Towards Integrated Sustainability Assessments on March 7,2019 .

This will be a 3- days’ regional training targeting the 18 identified experts involved in state of environmental and SDG reporting from the six Eastern countries and experts from EEA countries.The upcoming summer school will cover integrated assessment modules with systemic analysis of sustainability. Links to country-specific activities on environmental reporting and integrated environmental assessments will be in line with monitoring of Agenda SDG 2030.

The EEAcademy has been delivering specific training programme since 2016. It covers the main aspects of environmental assessments in order to investigate and document current environmental quality and to evaluate policy based on an integrated approach. Moreover, the EEAcademy Summer School builds on the EEA and Eionet expertise and scientific advances in the field of Integrated Environmental Assessments. It is designed to enhance reflection and develop key competences within a vibrant and collaborative community of practitioners.

The above-mentioned specific trainings assist to develop institutional capacity building for producing SOER/SoE type reports in line with EEA methodologies and EU best practices. They cover theoretical and practical aspects of environmental assessments and place them into the overall public policy framework. The EEA tools and applications for integrated assessments are valuable for sharing knowledge and implementation with experts from Eastern Partnership countries.

These specific trainings will establish a comprehensive knowledge base in the countries to serve as source for the production of regular assessments and associated tools/portals (covering assessments, reports, indicators, websites, project results, etc.).

This summer school will take place from 27-29 of August at the EEA premises in Copenhagen.  The course will be in English language.  

The experts from the six Eastern partnership countries will be funded by the ENI SEIS II project.

Information and program will follow at the later stage.