Logistics - travel, hotel and per diem

Pre-paid travel, accommodation and subsequent reimbursement forms

It is the participant's responsibility to ensure they have the necessary permissions to travel to this meeting before they book any travel or hotel to avoid costly cancellations.


For your action:

  • BCD ticket and hotel order form. Please send the form directly to the travel agency at eea@bcdtravel.it and not to the EEA.  
  • Application form for reimbursement of expenses. Please complete and send to Joanna.LavalKarlsen@eea.europa.eu . The daily allowance is 100€ per full meeting day (50€ per half day)  with 15€ deducted for breakfast, if included in the hotel fee.

For further information see EEA meeting reimbursement guidelines.

The following two forms apply if you have not been reimbursed by the EEA before or your bank account details have changed. In order to establish your account in our financial system you need to submit:

  • Financial Identification form. Completed, signed and stamped by the bank or with a copy of a recent bank statement, showing name of account holder and IBAN number.
  • Legal entity form. Completed, signed and with a copy of the stated personal ID document, ie. passport.

Should you have any questions, please contact Joanna.LavalKarlsen@eea.europa.eu

File RealAudio document Pre paid travel and hotel application form
File RealAudio document Application for reimbursement form
File RealAudio document Financial identification form
File RealAudio document Legal entity form
File EEA Reimbursement Guidelines