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Visit InfoRAC, EEA, Copenhagen, 19-20 April 2017

The aim of this meeting was to foster communication between EEA team and Info RAC team so that Info RAC team; which is now is in the beginning of their system development journey can build on EEA expertise and standards, so at the end we have systems that are compatible with each other in the way that the data from the Mediterranean can be assembled in one picture. Objectives of the meeting was to exchange knowledge with InfoRAC team about the tools and procedures used by the EEA for collecting, managing and sharing data with a special focus on the MSFD. The meeting was divided in three parts: an opening session (session 1) where all objectives and big picture was presented. A next session (session 2) one to one knowledge exchange with the IT group (IDM) through a series of thematic demos regarding tools and process on data management and infrastructure. A third and last session (session 3) dedicated to reviewing the initial work plan developed in February 2017 and fine tuning based on the information acquired during the two days meeting.


On 1 February 2016, the European Environment Agency (EEA) kicked off the second phase of the EU-funded European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) - ENI SEIS II South Support Mechanism together with Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. The project under the European Neighbourhood Instrument is being jointly implemented with the UN environment Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP).

 The overarching objective of ENI SEIS II is to ensure coherence and harmonisation of environmental reporting at the regional level in support of more efficient policymaking (i.e. in terms of contributing to reducing marine pollution). The specific objective is to improve the availability of and access to relevant environmental information for the benefit of effective and knowledge-based policymaking in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Southern region.

 The Information and Communication Regional Activity Centre (InfoRAC) under UNEP/MAP is hosted by the Italian Environmental Agency (ISPRA). InfoRAC is in charge of implementing the Barcelona Convention reporting activity. To this aim InfoRAC is developing the UN Mediterranean knowledge platform InfoMAP conceived to provide and share data, information services and knowledge.

 In the context of ENI SEIS II project PAN2 is working closely with InfoRAC in setting a reporting system based on common standards (such as Reportnet) that is regularly used by the South Mediterranean countries.

 The work undertaken until now together with InfoRAC led to the preparation of a working plan for the infrastructure component (Work Package 4) of ENI SEIS South II that is now in the implementation phase. PAN2 invited the InfoRAC team to come to Copenhagen and visit EEA to ensure knowledge transfer and better harmonisation of standards and procedures considering the Ecosystem Approach Ecap reporting process (Barcelona Convention) and the MSFD.