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National Focal Points

The key actors — the NFPs — ensure national coordination and implementation. They are appointed by the national governments and are taken from the Ministry of Environment and the National Statistical Office. The NFP is the main link with the EEA on ENI-SEIS II EAST project matters.



The overall method of implementation of the project is to build on the Eionet model in the ENP East region.

Eionet is a partnership network of the EEA and its member and cooperating countries, involving more than 1 000 experts and 350 national institutions across Europe.

 The NFPs work closely with the NIT to drive the projects in their respective countries. These teams comprise experts from different thematic areas.  The establishment of links to relevant expertise in other ministries/national administrations is a step towards setting up coordination structures at national level. The NIT brings together different thematic areas around a joint task of securing transparent access to environmental information.

Support through dedicated national assistants is foreseen to ensure continuous engagement of national stakeholders and better operationalisation of the NIT's work, as well as coordination of project events and implementation of the agreed activities at country level.




Julieta Ghlichyan, Ministry of Nature Protection

Yurik Poghosyan, National Statistical Service


Elchin Mammadov, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

Rena Lazimova, The State Statistical Committee


Vladimir Markov, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

Ekaterina Poleshchuk, National Statistical Committee


Maia Javakhishvili, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection

Vasil Tsakadze, National Statistics Office


Veronica Lopotenco,  Ministry of Environment

Elena Orlova, National Bureau of Statistics


Dmytro Averin, Eastern Ukrainian Ecological Institute

Oleg Prokopenko, State Statistics Service



   NFPs full list - update February 2017                National Assistants assignment EN            National Assistants assignment RU




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